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Is there a right age to get into a relationship?
Is there a right age to get into a relationship?

Is there a right age to get into a relationship?

Have you ever asked yourself if You are old enough to get into a relationship.You may ask yourself if you are old enough to have a boyfriend or begin dating.

Yes, everyone wants to get into a relationship because the feeling alone is….. But you have to consider the emotional maturity and the sense of responsibility involved.

Some people say age is just a number so therefore anyone can get into a relationship but why do you even want to date?

The question is not about the age or the time my dear, the question should be about your feeling. How do you feel? Do you think or feel that you are emotionally ready to start and keep a relationship? If your answer is No! Please remain single.

Before thinking of dating or getting Into a relationship you have to ask yourself these question;

  • Are you interested in someone in particular?
  • Are you confident and happy?
  • Does your physical development match your emotional development?
  • How matured are you to understand each other?
  • Can you manage your career and Relationship in a stable way?
  • Can you cope with a breakup and problems in a relationship.
  • Can you maintain a healthy relationship?
  • Can you try defining what dating means to you.
  • Check your schedule to see if you have enough time for a relationship.

The correct age to be in a relationship is when you feel ready, age is not the first concern you consider when thinking about going into a relationship.

The quality and the kind of person you are going to date or may go into a relationship comes next also.

Your financial conditions are crucial for dating also. Before going into a relationship learn to ensure your financial conditions are stable likewise to the person you plan on dating.

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OMG this is wonderful 😘😘😘

Fortune Gabriel

Very well said🍷

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