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Have  you ever wondered why you are the way you are?

Have you ever wondered why you often overreact to little things that doesn’t even matter?

Have you ever wondered why you spend too much? Or why you are broke?

Have you ever wondered why people take drugs?

Have you ever wondered why people take you for granted?

Have you ever wondered why the person you love ends up not loving you back?

Have you ever wondered why some people take their own life?

Have you ever wondered why people resort to conflict or violence?

Have you ever wondered why people crave for attention, especially the ladies yearning for love?

Why are you the way that you are?

Are you insecured about yourself or your feeling?

Try reading this book: why you act the way you do!!

Do you know that whatever you do, they have a reason behind your actions. You may not know what that reason is , at least not consciously. In fact, quite often people act and behave in ways that may seem irrational and inexplicable, even to themselves. That moment you react to someone or something and after the whole scene, you will be like ” ohhh God why did I even say this!”

And there are a million stories of why people do what they do. But all revolves on their human needs which are fundamental to every single person and shape how we live our lives.

No matter what country you are from, your state, what your socioeconomic status is, no matter your race, your religion, your color, your creed; no matter what your goals, desires, values, morals or dreams are  we all share these same needs which is Paramount.

And if you want to understand yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level, then you must begin with understanding these your  needs. Because once you do, you will understand why you act and react in certain ways.

And that awareness is a key step to making a pivotal shift in your life so that you can overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities to ultimately find absolute fulfillment. Stop comparingnd yourself with others and achieve your own unique success, it doesn’t matter how long but how well.

HUMAN NEEDS includes;

  • Need to avoid pain and gain comfort. Every one want to be comfortable in life but you know this life is not balance, you are the way you because of your level of comfortability.
  • Our lives are important to us, so we equally are the way we are because of how we can ourselves, how you carry yourself and how important your life is to you.
  • Varieties which can create quality excitment for you is also relevant in determining why you are the way you are.
  • Love and connection is another need that is essential to you which can affect the way you are. For some, connection is sex, some find connection through falling/being sick and by this, they get to have many people coming to check up on them. Some also can create connection by causing big wahala/trouble/problem.
  • Growth which is very sacrosanct will definitely take place which can play a good role to making you do the things you do.

There are other factors too that can make you reason deeply why you act the way you do. Also read: Why you act the way your do.


  • Understand yourself
  • Ask questions about things that seems unclear to you.
  • Talk to someone you trust inorder to understand yourself.
  • Embrace opportunities
  • Think positivily.
  • Pray
  • Accept that you are unique.
  • Read books
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