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How long does your sex last? 

Do you think it is common for men to ejaculate (cum) too quick?

Have you ever wondered how some men can just have sex for 10-45mins and they never ejaculated (no release and he is still hard)

Just so you know, withdrawal is not protection, you will hear some guys saying ” Am a withdrawal king”  but everyday can never be the same. Just try and apply precautions.

How big, long, short or small a guy is down there does not determine how long he is to last. So don’t get carried away!!!! Be very sensitive!!

Concerning how long your sex last, you might not want to relate it here and it is quite understandable. It is known that the average sex session is 5-10mins but 50% of guys last even less than 2minutes.

That’s a major problem.

The reported ideal length of sex is between 10-25minutes and 80% of guys suffer from some form of premature ejaculation and can’t pull that off. Some guys can’t even last long not to talk about lasting longer. Most of them, once they are having sex, they just put all their mind in it, get carried away and sends a message to the brain which leads to an automatic ejaculation. And after that, they just crash(sleep).

Both men and women want longer lasting sex, yes but guys lack the sexual stamina to make it happen. So be ready to take notes.

Some guys don’t last longer simply because they are always rushing , please where are you rushing to? Just know that as a guy, you must be calming down o. As a lady, be very sensitive with your guy just ask him to start very slow, gradually and with time increasing his pace to avoid him cuming too quick.

It is very common for men to finish too quick once in a while but if this happens all the time, then my brother, there is a problem. You might be diagnosed of premature ejaculation.

Some guys cum so fast because of the excess consumption of sugar, as a guy, you must learn to avoid excess consumption of sugar, take more of energy drinks, pap, glucose, herbs, suppliments and other vitamins that are essential for sperm production in makes.

So how can you last longer? 

  • USE CONDOM : Using condoms is an easy way to dull the sensation for guys, with this, ejaculation can be delayed whereby making you last longer.
  • While having sex, let her climb on you( cow girl), when she is on top of you, well seated on the penis, your penis Is less stimulated making you to last longer.
  • REDUCE YOUR ANXIETY : Some guys are just too anxious of how better and how long they intend to last during sex, if you just started having sex, and in your mind, you have already concluded that you cannot last long, then my brother you won’t!!  Anxiety makes you cum faster, why not calmdown? Take deep breath, and have self confidence in yourself.
  • Daily exercise for guys majorly for the penis should be done. E.g There is one they call pelvic floor exercise etc. Also carry out exercises that involves you trying to control your urine. How long can you hold your pee? Can you even control your bladder? Yes we know it is not healthy but for the sake of your sensation,   All these are little exercises that matters.
  • Masturbating too can help🙄 but not for everyone o. It’s choice. But I am not promoting masturbation but rather a possible solution.
  • Try squeezing the tip of the penis, then pause. Do this alternatively. While having sex, you ensure you pull out immediately that sensation for ejaculation comes, once you do pull out, squeeze the tip of the penis until that urge to ejaculate passes.
  • Consume more fruits and eat healthy. Don’t just eat anything you see.
  • Drink more of table water. Not all our satchet water are pure.😮

Do you know that it is not all the guys that last longer that are sexually active!! Some of them take drugs, pills just to boost their man power and without that, they are just ike a fallen iroko tree.

What exactly works for you? can you share?

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Fortune Gabriel

Hmm, u really know so much, nice


The day I’ll experience this sex you people are talking about ehn…


As long as the woman herself she’s not a lazy type on bed and to me i believe when the both are talking to each other with some sexual words when having sex…And also the moaning of The woman gives a man more vibes and last longer when having sex 😎




You’ve written well,I must say,but personally I dont think maturbation would helps,what works for me..daily exercise
2.daily drinking of bitter cola soaked inside coconut water and lime.
3.stay away from sugar though it not easy
4.eating of fruit atleast thrice a week
And many more,the thing about all this is knowing it and practicing it

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