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Has anyone told you “I love you” before? Well if yes, how did you respond?

What did you say? Or were you shy to say it back?

Normal response to “I love you” are ;

  • I love you more
  • I love you too
  • I love you scatter
  • I love you to the moon
  • I just love you soooo much
  • Etc

If your love language is ‘word of affirmation’ then you definitely will enjoy hearing those words of “baby you know I love you so much” So how then do you relate your love affairs to your own partner? Or do you expect them to keep telling you and you just keep mute and never responded! One day, he/she will definitely get tired of telling you

Above all, don’t be carried away by the ” I love you” talk. some can tell you “I love you and still cheat on you hands down. It takes true love to keep a relationship. But love is sweet especially if you have had a sweet share of it.

Many people find it difficult to respond to their partner when told “I love you”. Not because they don’t love their partner but because they just prefer responding differently. They believe difference is unique.

Hearing the words “i Love You” from the person you treasure most in your life or the person you have yarned to hear it from or the person who you are ready to spend the rest of your days with can be an amazing feeling.

For certain people, these three little words “I love you”  mean the world to them while others it imposes fear causing a number of thoughts and the inability to know what to respond or how to respond.

If you ever feel weird on what to respond once your partner or partner to be tells you they love you, here are some of the responses that will work out quite well without hurting their feelings;

  • I love being around you” or “I enjoy being around you”.

You do not have to respond with ‘I Love You too’ all the time, you can give him or her a compliment that lines with being together and treasuring each other in what ever situation comes at hand. Learn to be strategic in love. If you really love someone, you definitely will love being around them 247 even without you getting tired or bored.

Once you love being around your partner, it proves to them that you truly reciprocate their love for you.

  • I am falling in love with you each day”

Let your partner know how much they mean to you, let them also know that you care about them not necessarily by responding straight forward to “I Love You. ” Some guys feel that if they tell you ” I love you”, that you must necessarily say it back. No!!! There are other things to say to your partner and they will still appreciate you and understand that you reciprocate their love.

  • “I am really crazy about you”

Do not lose yourself in letting your partner know that you love them back. Some can take your love for granted. Let your partner know what you feel, learn to open up. Telling him or her that you are crazy about them allows them to notice that you are attracted to them and would wish to be around them so often. With this, you just don’t need to keep saying baby ” I love you”.

  • Wow, that makes me so happy”

This is one of the cutest  response to give  when your partner tells you they love you. This always positions them to know what to tell you so that you are consistently happy and exited in your relationship. You partner always wants you happy right? Yes so he will definitely keep telling you “I love you” . So all you just have to say is ” awwwwnnnn that makes me so happy”…. Winks

  • “I really value our relationship”

Even though this might not sound that great, or too romantic, it is a phrase that allows most people in a relationship to know that their partners treasure their union and are not really to let them go. It is a sign that you really need them in your life and they are glad to have you too. Any relationship you value, you keep obviously.

  • I just can’t live without you

Anyone you can’t live without, you definitely can’t do without that person which automatically means you love him/her crazily.

  1. I appreciate you dearly
  2. I Celebrate your presence in my life.
  3. You are loved
  4. You are wonderful
  5. You are amazingly loving.


What other ways do you think you can respond to your partner when he/she tells you “I love you”. And you just don’t feel like saying I love you back!


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Nice one


To you treasure,wherever you are,my heart still beats for you,in these past few days,weeks and month you came into my life,I have cherished nd adored every minute spent with you,the good and the bad..am happy to be yours,I pray that God give me strength to love you..stay safe

Galaxy babe

Wow that’s awesome dear

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