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Some of you must have heard this “No bra day” right? Well mostly the ladies can relate well to this.

What exactly do you think this day is all about?

Do you think it is a day set aside for all the ladies to go braless and expose their nipple? No !! This day is set aside for proper awareness of BREAST CANCER.

If you have any lady around you, try and appreciate them because it is not easy to be a lady. Ladies am i right?

As a lady, there is no better feeling than to get home from work or class  and you just pull off your bra. You feel very relieved. Yes bra can make a lady’s breast smart but do you know that even without bra, your breast is even more sexy and tempting!.

No Bra Day is an annual observance which fall on October 13th of every year by which women are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra just for that day atleast as a means to encourage breast cancer awareness.

No Bra Day was initially observed on July 9th, 2011, but within three years it was then moved to the 13th day of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month , October. Users on social media are encouraged to post using the hashtag #nobraday to promote awareness of breast cancer symptoms and to encourage gender equality.

This awareness is to encourage women to post pictures of themselves not wearing a bra. So if you havent done so, please do. Some women embrace No Bra Day as a political statement while others prefer the comfort of discarding what they view as a restrictive, uncomfortable garment.

In as much as it is a braless day, please as a lady try and check your self properly using the mirror. Examine yourself and yoyr breast well before going out if possible, go for some checkup just to be on a safer side.

If you are a lady here and you are reading this, you will know exactly what we are referring to when we say that removing your bra once you get home is one of life’s great pleasures! If you are a man, you will just have to take our word for it. However, No Bra Day does not celebrate this little comfort that all women can relate to. It is much bigger and more important than this.

No Bra Day is about the fight against breast cancer. A lot of people know someone who has experienced breast cancer and you know It is a very horrible disease, which can have a heartbreaking conclusion. No Bra Day encourages women around the world to ditch/leave their bra to raise awareness for this disease.

It is a great day in terms of supporting women who have experienced breast cancer or are going through it at the moment, as well as raising awareness about the condition so that we can, hopefully, find a cure for it.

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that can affect a lady. In fact, it is believed that one in eight women will be diagnosed with this illness in their lifetime. That’s a pretty high number! While there is a good chance of recovery, there have been a lot of women who have lost their lives because of this terrible disease.

This awareness is important so we can know how important our breast is, in as much as how well a lady loves her breast she should try and takecare of it. To avoid having breast cancer,

  • medically it has been proved that that breast will have to be sucked not just by your baby but your boyfriend or your husband. It is very healthy, allow them to suck your breast and save you you from this illness.
  • Ladies please and please try as much as possible to always wash your bra. How can a lady be using just 1bra? Or she will always wear a wet bra and still feel comfortable? If you value your life, respect your breast.
  • Eat healthy, eat balance diet and ensure you feed well and maintain good and personal hygiene.
  • Always check your breast using the mirror or if possible go for checkups.
  • Don’t over wear bra. Don’t wear your bra to sleep , try and loosen up and live comfortably.
  • If you notice and symptoms around your breast, please go and see a doctor.

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*endsars* *endnobraday* lolz I’m just joking, this is a wonderful piece

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