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Do you have a boyfriend? Or is there any special guy in your life right now? What about those without a boyfriend? Wahala for those without a boyfriend. Winks😂

You remember August 1st right? Don’t tell me you don’t, well it was the National girlfriend’s day. This is when all the ladies were celebrated. Even if she is not your girlfriend, it does not stop you from celebrating her simply because she is so special to you also.

Also read : National girlfriend’s day.

Today being Saturday October 3rd, 2020 is known to be the National Boyfriend’s day. Wahala to those that does not have any boyfriend!! Lol.

Do you know that the National Boyfriend Day was created due to the popularity of National Girlfriend Day, i guess the guys too are worth celebrating too, then it’s important to point out that National Girlfriend Day was originally created as a way for women to celebrate and hang out with their other girl pals, bestie or girlfriends.

The holiday’s purpose evolved over time and now it is seen as a dual celebration where people celebrate both their romantic girlfriends and also their platonic friendships too. Isn’t it beautiful?

With that in mind, i suggest that National Boyfriend Day doesn’t have to be all about showing love and affection for your male romantic partner. You can be showing your appreciation for male pals or male friends or even your male bestie too. So, even if you are not anyones romantic boyfriend, it doesn’t mean you cannot celebrated today.

For some of you that are single, and you feel nobody will celebrate you, well I celebrate you. You are worth celebrated. Today is a good and special day set aside to celebrate the Guys in our respective lives.

Guys are wonderful people who always add smiles to our faces even as ladies, and you know we like guys that always make us smile or happy. so they all deserve to be celebrated. Some guys come into your life to hurt you, play with your feelings, take care of you, love you or even dissapoint you but nevertheless they all deserve to be celebrated.

Today is a day you actually let your boyfriend know how much he means to you. This is basically for those of you that have a very soecial guy in your life. Today reminds you of how special your baby is to you,. This is a perfect day to tell him how much you aporeciate him.

The guys in your life in one way or the other brings unique meaning to your life no matter the experiences attached, no matter the tyoe of boyfriend you have, just celebrate him.


  • Show him love and appreciate him.
  • Spend quality time with him.
  • Spend him money.
  • Love him.
  • Visit him with a suprise package.
  • Cook a very delicious meal for him.
  • By him gifts, buy him flower or if possible suprise him in a very romantic way.
  • Take pictures with him.
  • Take him for lunch, take him to see a movie or take him on a date.
  • If he is your man, give him whatever he ask for…lol both sexually and all. Satisfy him sexually even if its just for that day.
  • Ensure you do whatever that makes him happy.
  • Pray for him, love him, cherish him and care for him because he really needs it.

If you are lucky enough to have a boyfriend and you are celebrating this day, i hope you and you boyfriend enjoys your day to the fullest and i hope you guys have a great time with each other.



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Favour Chris

Nice I’ve leant a bit about why this day exist great job dear

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