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A lot has been happening in our country Nigeria, so many lives have been lost and so many have been harrased by this same group called SARS.

What exactly is their duty? Is it by extorting? Or harrassing our young one expecially the male gender ? Or is it by kicking against robbery? They are not even  doing their job, we live In a country where corruption dwells, these SARS are very corrupt and many people are not happy with the way things have turned out to be.

So many Nigerians have gone out to protest #Endsars, a peaceful protest at that but we live in a country where even after protesting, the voice of the people are not heard. Let us create more awareness on this issue on ground so we can stop these people from harrasing and torturing or even extorting money from us all In the name of doing their jobs.

Here is a video cover released by this year’s bbnaija winner “LAYCON” titled FUCK YOU and in this video, he said the truth. Watch and see for yourself.


What do you feel about all these? Should we keep quiet and watch things go wrong? No!!  Here are some youth who expressed how they feel about this #EndSARs.

  • From BOI: Good evening Mercy 👋
    Here’s my take on the. #endSARS protest.

“I don’t think the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit should be put to a stop by the relevant authorities.
As much as we can highlight their wrongs and brutality – let’s not also forget that this same group has contributed immensely in curbing kidnapping and other I’ll problematic issues that has been taking place in our society. What do you think would become of our society if the operation of the unit is put to a stop?… Here’s what am sure of: A rebirth of all kinds of social vices which will inturn give rise to a nationwide appeal to the law enforcement agencies to bring back the same SARS unit.
In essence I’ll suggest that rather than having an end-SARS-protest, we could do a better protest for the reforming of state policing and fixing of lapses in the system.

  • From TEGA:

“Mercy, SARs should end!! We already have RRS and some other team in NPF, so why keeping extra set of uncivilized people to carry guns about?

  • From JEFF

“‘m just so sure they won’t end sars….they’ll just restrict them……remember sars is still under police…even if they end sars, those animals will still be retained as normal police.   The name SARS has caused alot to Nigerians.. So they could wipe the name SARS and be called something else like CRACK team. Now they will be subjected to new rigorous trainings and new rules.. They cant mount road blocks. They can’t patrol. They can’t interfere in civil matters and lots more. They will be only released and sent out for special operations..

  • From RUTH:

“The thing is I have never seen a Sars official happy,they re always wearing a sad look n angry face too?
Sars stands for special anti robbery squad n not otherwise…
They shouldn’t b killing & terrorising youths ..
Sars should stop jhare
What is our offense?
What’s our crime?

  • From CHISOM:

It should end biko, I’m tired of the intimidations and harassments by those greedy fools, I stand it should end anytime anyday anywhere

  • From BENEDICT:

This is really a critical issue at the moment with leaves many in a choice of dilemma.
If SARS is to be scrapped, this country will be faced with worst form of crime and wrongs because of the increasing level of hunger, poverty and unemployment. Cyber crime is a big problem in Nigeria, imagine then what happens when there is no SARS.
If we allow SARS to be, even the poor masses and the innocent suffers as SARS is going nuke without control.

Serious *Reformation* is the best solution that may solve the problem and they should be kept under watch and work according to well refined law.

  • From DANOK:

But some may ask “why #fight or #protest” if we see #injustice in our land and do nothing to stop it that means we have lost our humanity. And just because others doesn’t want to stand up for what’s #right and apparently our right does not mean we should be like them. #Lagos #portharcourt and Nigerian youth. says #endsars.

Here are some images from Danok photography depicting what SARs can do!  

#SARs tourtes

#SARs harasses you and if possible the can lead to the death of the harrased.




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You know sars are actually proving that they are working but in the actual sense, they are just killing the innocent…you can’t work freely anymore in your country is either you are scared of sars or being track down by the IGP’s for no reason……I most say the killing from Sara has been enough;”END SARS“


Well, at the rate at which these guys kill brutally and harass people, I feel they should be stopped. Even though they’re meant to protect us and curb other bad activities in the country, I don’t see them doing so. I feel as citizens of Nigeria and humans, we have the right to live and also freedom of movement, and these guys are ready to stop us from exercising our rights by killing and restricting us from moving freely. We also have the right to protest peacefully and yet they still beat up some of the protesters. This is quite… Read more »

Ogunkilede Joshua

Mercy, We are in a country where our Governments are so superior than The voice of God… We see nothing wrong when humans like us are been killed by those that were assigned to protect us from harm…

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