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Have you ever wondered why most of the good girls you know are still single?

Why is it said that the said “bad girls” gets into relationship and gets married faster than the good girls?

You know there are good girls out there but why would anyone want to be with a bad girl? Well bad girls get their men first while the good girls are just sidelined.

Who are the good girls?

These are ladies that have spent their lives shunning the wayward lifestyle that every normal regular girl would want to live. They are the morally justified set of girls who have dedicated majorly their lives to God and have decided to walk in His ways. These sets of girls are popularly called the “churchy girls”.


  • They are always waiting for MR. Perfect.
  • They usually play hard to get. You should know that men are not usually attracted to ladies who always play hard to get.
  • They always feel like they deserve an award for being good.
  • Good girls are not ready to compromise in their relationship.
  • Good girls rarely goes out , they hardly hangout or mingle with new friends, they barely put themself out there. Ypu should learn to go to the gym, join a community or a club so you can make new friends.
  • They hardly care about that physical part of them. You will see a girl will tell you, i dont like perfumes or i dont like making my hair or i dont like dressing like this. Fine all girls cannot be the same but in as much as you have a good heart, always try and look beautiful and also try and smell nice.
  • They are not usually exposed in terms of relationshio or sex. They believe once they get married, they will learn all that

These set of girls already believes that their MR right is on his way to her, my darling it is not done that way.
Some good girls thinks the world owes them something for being good, like they deserve an award or something. Just because they “kept” themselves, they sometimes think it is an automatic ticket to finding a good man. To some, yes! While to some, a big NO!!

Have you read this book before; Why Bad Things Happen to good people , we always say that “this life no balance” the same is applicable to put love life, when it comes to being a good girl or a bad girl. Nowadays girls don’t like good boys….winks!!

Look at this example;
“Miss Favour is a bad girl while in school she was the typical “runs girl”. She alwats changes her boyfriend every semester, clubs every weekend, and also she uses what she has to get her grades. In the process she had a few abortions.

Miss Joy on the other hand was a typical  good girl. You can predict her movement – class, fellowship, market, and hostel. She had no time for boys and always on her own.since it was not what she came to school to do. She was a virgin.

A year after graduation Miss Favour, the bad girl, got married and is living happy with her family. It’s been 10 years now. Miss Joy the good girl, is in her mid-thirties now, not married and still a virgin.

What happened? What went wrong?

What everyone would say is “life is not fair, this life no balance at all”…lol
Now let us be realistic. While Miss Favour was the bad girl, in the process she got to know men and what men wants in both the positive and the negative angle. She understood what respect means to a man. She understood that men are attracted to beautiful things and how men love sex.  Even from the number of guys that must have dumped her and married other ladies she got to understand what a man is looking for and when he is looking for a wife. She got books on relationship to ‘up her game’ so she could get into the minds of guys. So immediately after graduating she decided to get serious and the next guy she dated proposed to her and she got married.

Miss Joy never knew all that. She believed prayer was the key, yes prayer was but in all things, apply wisdom. She fasted and went for vigils. She made positive confessions daily. She was speaking her husband into being. And there is nothing wrong with all these. But she dressed like she was in the 70’s. she never read a single book on relationship. And knew nothing about what men want.

Question: In the light of the above do you think life was unfair to the good girl in her still being single ten years after school even though she is a virgin?

As for me, I don’t think so. Husband is not a reward for virginity.”
I am not in any way encouraging a wayward lifestyle, neither am i against virginity. My point is simple. “That you are a good girl or a good guy does not absolve you from the consequences of not knowing how relationships work.”

Dont forget that the sun shines on both the righteous and the unrighteous. The rain also falls on both the good and the bad. The same principle applies to everyone both  good or bad.

It is good to be good but being good is not the only condition to get a man.

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Awesome!!! This piece deserves a landmark acknowledgement. Keep it up


I love bad girls to be sincere tho


Very interesting!
As a guy,I prefer my girl to be very bad for me,just me only 😘


Emilia donatus

This is nice I like it


This is so great, wish many of this girls out there will see this piece of wonderful advice, bad girls always show their real characters, they’re always open, but you see all this girls carrying bible and wearing long gown, all those Mary Amaka gown fear them, they’re the once that will end up frustrating a man, bcoz they know nothing about men… Check well bad girls hardly have problems in their marriage, but you see all those good girls, small thing den done boil hot water to pour the husband… My point is that, bad girls have everything to… Read more »

Pappi chulo

What a commendable writing,with explicit point..thanks for expanding my knowledge




Nice one


I’m a very good bad girl so where do I fall?🥴

Scarlet Clinton

This is top notch!!!!!!!!!!!! Husband is on God but girls still have a big role to play to get one or to be attracted to one!


Beautiful one I must say ✅ Truth tho most guys don’t easily get attracted to d set of girls tagged as *churchy* But personally I might love to sex a very bad girl tagged *ruins girls * But honestly won’t want to keep her as a wife 🤦‍♂️.maybe just a fck material pardon my F word pls ..remember there is also a saying that goes*Once a thief remains a thief else God intervenes.I was wondering d difference between a good girl n a churchy girl 🙄


Getting married early is commendable but it is not a criteria for a successful marriage. Born again Christians should study the bible well to know how to comport themselves in pre marital relationships not based on church doctrines (this where the damage is usually done) and yes being promiscous in order to know how men behave is such a sorry idea because men are human just like women with individual difference so there is no hard and fast rule. Marriage is ordained by God for a divine purpose young adults should find out what God wants in a marriage and… Read more »

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