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MOMENT WITH OLGA: The line between love and life.
MOMENT WITH OLGA: The line between love and life.

MOMENT WITH OLGA: The line between love and life.

Life? A mystery too deep to perfectly understand. A road full of uncertainty. A passing phase.

What about love?
Love!!! Laying one’s life for another. Putting someone else before you.

Life’s a gift by the MOST HIGH to make the world a lot more  better than we met it.
Life’s like a drama with man as cast and the world, the stage. Every man acting out his pre ordained role from the divine manuscript of THE MAKER AND THE MENDER of both the cast and stage.

Life is the MOST HIGH. For, HE is the way, the truth and the LIFE. No man ever lived trully outside of HIM. Though HE created man and gave him the breathe of life but life outside of THE LIFE isn’t True life.  TRUE life is life born out of death. Death to personal wills and ways and death to a stage that has lost focus of eternity and a touch of divinity.
Life is a journey, along this journey we are given a chance to

  • create HISTORY,
  • make MEMORIES,
  • engrave our EXISTENCE,
  • live against all odds,
  • LIVE.

LOVE is the MOST HIGH. Greater Love hath had no man than this that a CREATOR lay down HIS life for HIS creation. LOVE is being Like the CREATOR. Loving is living as HE wills and being just like HIM. Loving is a personality

HE is both  LIFE and LOVE.
HE tasted death because HE WAS and HE is LOVE.
HE gives not just the breathe called life but  LIFE ETERNAL through HIS death because HE LOVED us. HE  gave us HIMSELF. HE gave us LOVE. HE gave us LIFE.

Therefore, we do not live for ourselves anymore. Now, we live HIS LIFE and live out HIS LOVE while we play out our roles in the divine script written before times begun. This is in a quest to make this stage a lot more better than we met it and other actors enslaved by the enemy better than we met them.

A man hasn’t trully lived if he hasn’t trully loved. HIS love gets shed abroad in our hearts if we get crucified with HIM and awakened into that new LIFE, THE TRUE LIFE. Such that when we trully live, we trully love. That’s the LIFE we’ve been called to live. Nothing short of this. So LIVE. LOVE.
Now you know the line between LOVE & LIFE.
Thanks for reading through🙏 and enjoy your weekend!!

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