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Moment with Olga: HOW TO SAY I AM SORRY!!!
Moment with Olga: HOW TO SAY I AM SORRY!!!

Moment with Olga: HOW TO SAY I AM SORRY!!!

How often do you say “I am sorry?

Do you think it is everyone that can say sorry?

Or is it that you have not ever offended anyone talk more of saying sorry.

well we will be looking at a very delicate matter which is How To Say “I’m Sorry”. Most times you don’t know how to make proper use of this phrase “I’m Sorry” or when it is appropriate to render an apology to someone or you might even find it very difficult to say that to someone you must have offended. So today let’s see if we can learn a thing or two✍️

Although we always try to be considerate of others, we are also human and occasionally make mistakes but when that happens we should recognize our short comings and immediately set out to correct our wrong doings. Yes am talking to you, why not correct your wrong doings by just saying this magical word “i am sorry”

Saying “i aam sorry” can go a long way to helping the offended person heal faster. You wont loose your life or your eyes if you say am sorry, just say it. If finally you are a shy person, just write it on a paper or cardboard sheet and show the person with the word boldly written ” i am sorry”. You can as well buy a gift for that person, take him/her for lunch, to the cinema, for shopping or a picnic just to say sorry at least use style and be romantic.

You saying you are sorry does not make you the bad person It only shows your level of maturity and how well you value you relationship with the other person. So keep saying “i am sorry!!.

How To Render An Apology
When apologizing you should learn to look the person straight in the eye (unless ofcourse the apology is being made on the phone) and an apology is directly to the point.
Few Examples On How To Say “I amm Sorry”.

  • “I am sorry for spilling the wine on your beautiful rug, I feel like such a klutz”.
  • “How stupid/careless/thoughtless of me. I sincerely apologize.
  • “I hope you can forgive me, I take full responsibility for my actions”.
  • “I would like to apologise for how I reacted yesterday”.
  • “Oh my goodness! I am so sorry, I should have watched where I was going”.
  • “Please excuse my ignorance. Sorry about that”.
  • “Sorry, my apologies, i had that wrong”.
  • “Sorry, it was all my fault. That was wrong of me”.
  • “Excuse me for interrupting. I was wrong can you forgive me?”.
  • “Pardon me for being so rude”.

Here is a picture of other ways to say ” i am sorry”

When you make an apology, you must mean it, dont just say them for saying sake. When you say you are sorry, you should realize that the apology does not downplay your mistake. Yet you should not bring it up again and again.
✓Expressing regret.
✓Accepting responsibility.
✓Making restitution.
✓Genuinely repenting.
✓Requesting forgiveness.

At the same time, never offer an insincere apology especially if you have done nothing wrong.
If you’ve read till this point? Thank you for reading through and “I am sorry” for the long speech😁

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Amazing Grace

So true sometimes its so hard to say sorry because of pride and ego but the truth remains Sorry can solve so many problems .

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