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Happiness is a feeling everyone wants to experience definitely, some have fought for it, some risked everything they have just to get it, some cried for it, some beat themselves up even doubted themselves. Some failed, re-routed plans time and time again, it feels crazy but when you finally experience happiness, you will feel alive. You will begin living, you will love passionately. But just so you know happiness does not find you. You find happiness.

HAPPINESS, that nine-letter word noun holds a lot of weight that you can even imagine, doesn’t it? For some, it holds expectation, both positive and negative. For some, it holds false realities, both painfully honest, and painfully deceitful. For some, it’s a destination that can feel like it’s waiting at the end of a rainbow. And for others, it’s a process that can feel so miserable and all-consuming in the moment, but be achingly beautiful in retrospect.

While happiness seems to be what most people want and expect out of life, why are so many lacking it? Is happiness a tangible “thing” that’s wandering the streets and expected to show up and ring your doorbell? Well, if you think so, I would  like to ask how that is working for you? Happiness is not as easily obtainable as one might think; it is  actually quite the opposite.

Being Happy; Who said it should be easy? I have heard that love should be easy too, but that is a whole other conversation, and article. Please, listen to me with a compassionate ear and an open heart when I tell you that happiness is in no way, shape, or form, easy to attain when you lack it. The road to happiness is full of excruciating choices and life-altering decisions. It is full of backlash, harsh critics, thick judgments, and HARD-ASS WORK.

What It Takes To Be Happy, what does it take to be happy?

It takes passion and the courage to work hard and see your passion through. Passion is the key to happiness. Passion is a fulfillment of your desire, whatever it may be. It can feel like a “need” that you feel incomplete without.

Passion can be your children, your partner, your career, a hobby, or anything else in this world. You can lie to yourself every second of the day and say you are happy without passion, but it’s just a lie. If you have not one ounce of passion for anything, you are not only unhappy, but you’re also missing out on life.

Where To You Find Happiness

As cliché as it sounds, happiness as well as meaning and passion are within you. They are very close to you. Happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy that is only attained by you. Not one material thing can “make” you happy. Not one other person is “responsible” for your happiness. And if you rely on that, you’re buying into a false reality. Only you can make yourself happy by doing whatever that makes you happy and fufiled.

To seek happiness is one of the most profound life journeys we humans take on. And yet, as much importance as we give it, we seldom take responsibility for it. We act as if someone other than ourselves controls whether or not we are happy or living our passion, and we wait for it to be delivered to us on that silver platter we’re always talking about. You can not wait for happiness; happiness waits for you. It waits, and waits, never budging.

Where To Start From To Be Happy

To find what is already within you, ask yourself the hard questions. Questions that make you uneasy and uncomfortable, such as,

“What am I most fearful of?”

“What gets me angry?”

“What gets me excited?”

“What do I avoid?”

“What do I seek out?”

“What makes me sad?”

“What are my wildest dreams?””

Most likely, as you begin to answer these questions, you will see a common thread. You definitely find that one common denominator or relationship among most of your answers that continues to overlap and makes its way back to affecting you in one way or another.

Once you pick through the muck of the self-deprecating judgment of your answers to the hard questions, your eyes will open up a little wider, and some realizations will shine through. You will begin to see where you belong, what you are truly  passionate about, and what you need to feel fulfilled and happy.

How To Achieve Happiness 

Once you have answered this questions above, it is simple you refuse to settle. You become bold and brave and fight for everything that gets your heart pumping. You dive headfirst into your passions. Take risks, be ready to take on responsibility for that daunting task.

What Stops You From Being Happy

There is a four-letter word called FEAR, and it tends to be a paralyzing agent that can stop you dead in your tracks if you let it. The unknown and the unexpected are as scary as anything, yes, that’s true.

There is no comfortable place in the unknown when you’re fighting for your passion, but what most don’t know is that fear is the only obstacle in between you and your happiness. That is it. And you can conquer fear. Believe you can.

Understandably, you are terrified to fail, and undeniably tortured by the thought of it. But it’s ok to feel scared. It’s ok to feel uncomfortable. It’s ok to feel doubt. And it’s ok to fail. Let me say that one more time. It’s ok to fail but it is not OK to feel comforatable failing. So just start.

What Happiness Looks like

You tell me, Happiness is your passion being fulfilled. Whatever that means, whatever that entails, and whatever that looks like is entirely up to you. My happiness I different from yours.

You see, happiness is absolutely attainable; it just takes a little effort. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort. Happiness is what you make it. It’s a process and a state of being.

If you have not yet begin the process, I hope this inspires you to take one step toward finding your happiness, whether that step is big or small, take it. If you are in the trenches on your journey, and it’s looking ugly and messy, keep going because you’re on the right track. And if you are there, reach out and inspire others to seek their happiness. Tell your story, because no two stories are alike. Happiness is the state that gives you the most fulfillment.

Happiness lives in you, and now, I challenge you to go find it.

Thank you!!!!

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