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           TO LOVE OR BE LOVED.

Who will you choose to be with? Is it the one you love or the one that loves you?

You know you cannot control who you fall in love with nor who will love you, sometimes in this life you will meet the right guy but at the wrong time likewise you might also meet the wrong guy but at the right time. what would you do?

As for me, I prefer to be with someone who loves me more than being with someone who i love. As a lady, i wouldn’t want to be with someone i love because if i love a man more than he loves me, i might be wasting my time If he doesn’t love me in return and it can be very painful and heartbreaking. The truth Is i hate it when I see some ladies forcing themselves on men, is It necessary? Dont you know you are a queen?

Everyone has a choice to make, some would rather choose to be with who they love than who loves them while others might choose to be with who loves them than who they love. Which of them is your?

Have you ever been in the middle of choosing between who you love and who loves you before?

Have you ever had to think of who to choose between the one who loves you and the one you love?

It is really a beautiful and romantic thing to have someone you love and who loves you back just as much but in real life, most times, you are either with someone you love who doesn’t love you or someone who loves you and you don’t love back and this is the truth.

What happens if you choose who you love?  “Your Love automatically becomes blind.” you must have heard this before” love is blind”. 
Choosing someone you love means you will be blind to most of their faults. You will not really be bothered by their inability to love you back as much as will be if you don’t love the person. You can tolerate their errors and faults against you. This means you will worry less about your love life.

But if you choose the one that loves you, loving Is a lot more easier
When you are with someone you don’t love but loves you back crazily, you are just going to be performing. Loving will never be easy for you. Once in a while, you may try to reciprocate but that is just what it is, you are only trying and he/she understands. It is not going to come to you naturally because you don’t love that person.

When you choose someone you love over someone who loves you, You will hardly be tired of loving, you will hardly be tired of loving them. Frustration comes when you struggle to do something that is not natural for you. Even if you put all of your energy to do it, eventually you will get tired and every now and then, you will need to find motivation to continue in such relationship.

This is exactly what you will not have to go through when you choose someone you love over someone who loves you tho but at the same time there is nothing as beautiful as finding someone you love and who loves you back as much but if you ever have to choose between someone you love and someone who loves you, please choose wisely.This way you are in absolute control of the outcomes, your feelings, emotions and all

Love is not an easy thing, some people say “this life no balance at all” and its true. But if life throws you stones, why not pick them up and use them as a stepping stone to your success. Whichever situation of love you find yourself in, just look at It from the bright side and forge ahead.

Dont forget love is a beautiful thing, you either get someone who you love or someone who loves you crazily. But on no account should you love someone out of pity, its very unfair!! Dont let anything or anybody influence your choice.

So tell me, what Is your choice? 

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Johnson Sivowaku

I’d rather choose the one who loves me and love her.
The one you love might not love you.


Why do I feel like this is one sided?
it is well! God’ll help us all…



This is quite an arguable theory, but real love is only found between two individuals who are simply crazy about each other and literally exist for each other. This type being described here is better described as infatuation. It takes two to tango. If its one sided, then its not love.


Na who i like pass sha..

Because who like me fit no be who i like.

But last last, na the two o 😂

Pappi chulo

You have written well,I must say but The issues of love isnt with your head nor your character, but it all about your heart leading you,and most times when we dont follow our heart when it yawn and desires the attention or care from another heart,we end up loving the wrong person,therefore we are heart brokened Things we should know about who we love or who loves us before getting into a relationship 1. friendship(care) 2.trust 3.understanding 4.love(feelings) With this in a relationship it doesn’t matter who loves you or who you love..but remember love and infatuation have similarities,but be… Read more »

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