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Today being August 1st is known as the National girlfriend’s day while Oct 3rd is always known as National boyfriend’s day. Have you celebrated your girlfriend today?

National Girlfriend’s day was created by Alliies Savarino Kline and Sally Rodger. A letter is written by me to my girlfriend at the end of this content.

World girlfriend’s day is not just for the guys only, even as a lady, If you have that one female friend that seems and sticks closer even more than a sister then she needs to be celebrated.

I find it difficult getting Along with just any girl, i can be very selective when it comes with getting close to any type of girl. I make friends easily, yes but with the guys because we get along  so well. Some girls can be really complicated, they find it difficult to appreciate you, celebrate you or even being happy with you, instead they gossip you.

You don’t need hundreds of girls before you can be happy, infact you need to be very selective while choosing your girlfriend. She has to be compactible with you, she should be of a positive energy and vibes,  someone that scolds you in private and supports you in public, someone that advises you, that defends you, someone that loves you most importantly.

Some girls will just see you for the first time and just dislike you even without knowing you personally which can be very annoying. But there are decent and nice girls that are worth being called your friends. Find that one and never let her go.

I have a bestfriend too, she came into my life in a very funny way but out of many girls, she sticked more. Our friendship was not as bed of roses, we had our blue days, we had our challenges but we didnt let it break us. This is someone we basically do things together, we gist, we play, we gossip,we pray, we have fun, we plan and we fight, we even work out together. We spend time together getting to know each other better than we already do.

There were people who said ” our relationship will not last” that was about few years back but we are currently 4 years and 8 months counting. December 25th will mark our friendship 5years. Thank you to everyone that supported us, most of them tried as much as possible to still Make us stand strong.

Here is a letter to my BESTIE. You had better write to your bestie/girlfriend. Its not too late.

Dear bestie,

This is a letter from me to you, with much love, like I do tell you, I bless God that our paths crossed, I thank you for accepting to be my closest friend even with my stubbornness,weakness, flaws and my imperfections you still love me. You are my cherry like I do call you. I love the fact that you are real and crazy and also unique. Thank you for being a good version of friendship. Thank you for all you do.

Do you know at some point in my life, people thought i was a lesbian, winks why? Because i flaunt you as tho i was into you sexually. But there is more to that. You dont know important you are to me, how much i love you. And i dont intend throwing this friendship away. You are part of my family, your family is my family, so is mine. I love the fact that you are a source of inspiration to me. I love you. I can’t really write everything here but trust me, you know i love you more than all this writeups.

I want to grow old  with you, get to know you better than i do. God knows I celebrate you. Lets us work hard and become independently great. Only God can see us through. If you were a guy, i would date you and you know it. Thank you for all you do, thank you for being my girlfriend out of many others.

Baby girl lets conquer this world, lets create more memories so we can tell our kids about it, let us have fun together, it all seem as tho we grew up together. My darling, if i offend you please forgive me, if i wrong you please scold me because i need it to get better.  We have a whole lot to do together. I love you.

                     Yours sincerely,

                            Your bestie.


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I’m literally blushing 🥰🥰🥰
I’m even speechless my love, the things you do… My goodness, am even wandering what kind of love us this cause it’s so deep baby 😭😭😭😭 am speechless really
I love you to the moon and back 💗💗💗💯

Ozioma Nwankwo


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