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What is character?

Character, you know it when you see it. Maybe more importantly, you know it when it is missing because the headlines fill you in with the individuals lacking character, you will notice at a glance but the good news is people with good character also do not go unnoticed.

But character is more than visual, it is engraved within you. you can also say the combination of engrave, scrape and scratch fit well with what character really means. Here’s why:

  • Engrave; An active art of determining what builds your character like honesty and courage.
  • Scrape; Learning from the challenges that come out way and then proving what you learned by doing much better than before.
    •Scratch; Act of working your way back up when you fall down and gaining strength of integrity from what you experience.

Your character is developed through time, more accurately, your character is developed through your experiences and what you choose to learn and do from them…. Character in many ways is a combination of your mind, soul and backbone.

You need to work through your thoughts and pick the ones that matter and take necessary steps to grow.

Building your character means improving certain good or useful traits in your, especially

  • self-reliance,
  • endurance and
  • courage.

Personal brand chatter focuses too much on superficial things and too much on self-importance. If you want to build a sustainable personal brand, focus on your personal character early and often. Determine what will stand.


1. Be humble, humility is the beginning of wisdom.
2. Live out your principles and values, this will make your character more steadfast.
3. Be intentional, integrity does not happen by accident. Be intentional about filling your mind with good thoughts.
4. Practice self discipline, have the ability to do what is right over what is easy.
5. Be accountable, surround yourself with people who have high expectations. Be responsible for yourself first. Lose the pride.
6. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself out there, push yourself towards success, handle coming up short, learn to handle uncomfortable situations, commit to challenging projects that might be too difficult to take on and become a better person regardless of the outcome.
7. Surround yourself with people of high character, identify people in your life that you respect, people who you think exhibit desirable character traits. Then pay attention to what makes them successful and try to learn from that, making a better version of yourself.
8. Commit to self-improvement, make an active effort to improve yourself day in day out, pick one thing or skill you’d like to work on at a time and build slowly and be committed. Work hard to build, create, survive and excel. Whatever your responsibilities and purpose are, you need to do the work and as time goes your character will show it’s strength.
9. Engage in though conversations with empathy and action, don’t put them off. Nurture relationships that matter through good and challenging times. You can not control what happens next obviously, but your character will be stronger if you interact with empathy.
10. Be nice when everything tempts you not to be nice. A quiet strength of character exists in being humble and nice so build this character strength.
11. Determine to better, always get up no matter what, to create something better than the day before and your purpose will take root and begin to bloom in no distant time.
12. Always be willing to help, no task is too small and no person is too ordinary or extraordinary to extend a helping hand.

In conclusion; A person of character is consistently and self-consciously kind and empathetic, giving generously without concern for reward, feels and expresses gratitude freely and frequently.

A person of character is not defeated by failure or dissuaded by disappoinment.
Character is all the good traits we think it is, character is demonstrated in what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Character is also how we recover, we need to know when to stand up, move on or protect. Character is always tested.

You should do things to build your character everyday. You should never ignore your habits, habits affects character. Develop good habits, it feeds your inner goodness, provides a clear mind and activating spirit.

Realize what your short comings are and find different ways to improve yourself and also let others push you to high character.

Thank you.

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Humility really matters alot ….tnkx for this


Nice tips

Fortune Gabriel

Nice write-up

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