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Controlling your tongue.
Controlling your tongue.

Controlling your tongue.


Have you been in a situation of saying things to someone and you find out you made such person cry, and you will be like ” what did i even say to him/her? You never know how powerful your tongue can be.

Do you know many people have put themselves in trouble because of what they said, your tongue is a very powerful tool that you have acess to even as human but the choice of using your tongue depends only on you.

Why not use your tongue positively to create wealth for yourself?  Why not speak positively into your life, why not moltivate your friends with your tongue, instead of causing them hurts.

You may have the habit of saying things that you would probably regretting after saying them and these words you say can be heartbreaking or hurting depending on who you said such to. As a leader, you should learn to control your tongue.

You know that there is a version in the bible that says;” there is power in the tongue, life and death too.  So choose your words wisely, do not  always be too quick to talk. Be slow to anger, don’t always talk when you are angry, instead just walk away or let it slide.

If you are in a conversation with anyone and you don’t really have any nice thing to say, then dont says anything at all, instead keep calm. If you dont have anything to say, why not just smile, fake it till you become it.

You probably know the pain of regretting words you have spoken: words of pride, dishonesty, envy, gossip, or anger. Although you can seek to restore bruised relationships through repentance, apologies and forgiveness, but you know any  spoken words can never be retrieved. Even the bible warns, Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, (control your tongue)but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers” (Ephesians 4:29).

The tongue signifies alot to different people, some of you use your tongue for communication, gossips, back-bitting, expression, taste, preference, sensuality or sexual feelings. You alone can control your tongue, and you will need to work on your self first.


1. Always be calm, learn to calm down and dont ever be in a hurry to speak.

2. Anytime you want to talk, pause for 10 seconds before you speak, it will really help you.

3. Always consider the consequences attached to every of your actions.

4. Consider your relation with such person even before you speak with them.

5. Think it, and dont say it.

6. If you by any chance flop, its not your fault, you are human and you are liable to make mistakes.

7. Always pray to God for a change.

8. Be slow to anger, do not speak when you are angry because if you do, you will say it all wrong and end up regretting.

So what do you do if you mistakely used your tongue wrongly on anyone?

1. Acknowledge what you said, accept you said It wrongly.

2. Apologize immediately so you can help the person heal fast and not to hold grudges.

3. Move ahead with positive words.  Stay positive.



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