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Sex you know is very interesting and it only takes two matured minds to decide either or not to have sex.  Sex is enjoyed when the two parties reach to an agreement of satisfying each other

There are some mistakes you make before having sex and even after having sex with your partner. Here are some tips to enjoying quality sex.

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1. QUALITY KISS:  Kissing works alot in your sexual life, work on your kissing. Some people don’t even know how to kiss their partner well, stop sticking out your tongue like a python or opening your mouth so wild like you want to swallow your Partner. Kiss is an art that should be mastered.

2. GIVING HEADS:Try waking your partner up from the bed sometimes with a “head”. It is a good feeling, and you know early morning sex is also good, why not have them sometimes. The art of giving head should be mastered. Its basically the tongues job and not the teeth, stop bitting someone all in the name of giving head.

3. BE SPONTANEOUS: When you and your partner are having sex, dont just have it in the bedroom, be very spontaneous. If she is in the kitchen, give it to her there or even in the bathroom.

4. TAKE CHARGE: As a lady, take charge sometimes, push him down to the bed and climb on him. Just try it with time, the porn star in you will manifest. Dont always act like a log of woods.

5. COMMUNICATE:  Engage your partner well before sex, it is called “foreplay”. Better stop rushing to dig because she is not your farmland instead why not carress her! Dont rush. Talk nasty, whisper to your partner’s ear of how much you want him/her and how good he/she is and how yoy dont want himhim/her to stop.

6. SMELL NICE AND WEAR NICE UNDIES:  Always smell nice around your partner, wear something sensexual and sexy. Wear nice undies like something revealing and inviting. It is not just to the ladies, guys too. You dont expect your woman to be smelling like a rose flower and you are smelling like a bag of fufu!

7. DISCUSS SEX: Have you ever discussed sex with your partner? We’ll you should, make it a conscious effort, talk about what you enjoy and what you don’t, compliment yourselves. Talking is allowed during sex. nastynasty and dirty.

8. STOP GETTING DISTRACTED: Stop trying to watch Tv during sex, whatever program is showing can wait or will that program give you orgasm?

Like wise is taking calls during sex or even chatting. Dont take calls or try to attend to your phone during sex, it can wait, because for that moment, sex is importanter!!.winks.

9. STOP STOPPING THE SEX : Stop stopping the sex halfway. Its normal to feel pressed when you are being hit from behind (doggy) but get used to that feeling. You can ! Just enjoy it.

10. CUDDLING:  Cuddle sometimes before and after sex. It is very important you do so, stop throwing away each other and rushing to the bathroom to clean up, why can’t you just enjoy the moment.

11. GET CRAZY AND DEMONIC: Getting crazy and demonic should not be misinterpreted, sometimes go extra miles, try to be crazy and sily for just your partner, it must not be sex proer. E.g  getting down on each other(heads).

12. BE HIS PERSONAL STRIPPER: Dont be to spiritual, be your man’s personal stripper, engagement in the art of seduction, seduce your partner consciously,  dont always wait for your partner to get horny.

13. MAKE EYE CONTACT:  Always make eye contact with your partner, there are messages you get from doing that even without talking.

14. MOANING: you should learn to moan well and sexually. Moaning is not just for the ladies, it should be mutual. Women feel better when their man moan so does the men.

What other tips would you want to tell us?


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Wow this lovely 😋😋

Bara Oliver

Nice write up


I really enjoy this😘😘😘


Nice writeup dear.
I’ve learned a lot so when i get married I’ll practice all.

But i have issue with waking her up by giving head. What if…???


Good one

Samuel Arawu

Amazing read, hopefully I’d practice the head thingy someday. I’m open up having specimens too😂😂😂😂😂



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