Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or of becoming emotionally connected with  someone else.  While the fear of getting hurt is called AGILIOPHOBIA and it can significantly impact your life and the way you relate with others if not attended to.

I used to get very scared of falling in love, you know why? Because I was scared of getting hurt. I get scared to let my guard down because I didnt want to be hurt the second Time. But i notice that this affected me, i found it difficult to relate well with people and i felt isolated to an extend but with time I brazed up and brought down my guard wisely.

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The fear of falling in love can be so intense that it interferes with you life and it could be physics or emotional. And the fear of getting hurt is basically common with people who have had bad experiences or trauma or hurt.

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1. You always have a fast heart beat when the thoughts of love comes to you.

2. You feel intense, you fear and you just panic unecessarily.

3. You get confused and off cloud easily.

4. Little things get to you when it comes to love.

5. You always keep your guard high.


1. Recognized your fears.

2. Relate your fear to your current

3. Be honest with yourself and always communicate with your supposed partner.

4. Focus and be gentle with yourself because you can win this.

5. Ask yourself these questions;

A* what exactly do i want?

B*  what if this relationship does not work?

C* what happens next?

D* Will be okay after all this?

After asking yourself these questions, now drop your comments!!