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Do you still hangout with your ex? You feel you must  have moved on already  right? and you currently have another Partner. Do you think that hanging out with your ex won’t bring back the feelings?  Wow, why are you stressing yourself emotionally?

When a relationship comes to an end, couples have to make the decisions about whether or not to stay friends. Its either we are just friends or nothings more. Set your boundaries with your Ex. You know it is wrong to hang out with your ex, so why do you still want to hang out with your ex?

Do you even know that it will be harder for you to move on if you still hangout with your ex. Hanging out with your ex is different from just being friends. While hanging out, you tend to spend more time with him/her, go out together and keep each other’s company and doing this, you bring back memories.

I remember how I got so attached to my Ex that i couldn’t even say YES to another guy, i was so into my ex that I felt i couldn’t live without him but that was a big lie that took me years to discover,  infact you can do better even without him and you know it.

Why should you even be hanging out with your EX when you are in a relationship? It is very wrong. Both emotionally and physically. Always think of your current partner while trying to hangout with your ex. Think of your partners undying love and his/her emotions.

It’s OK for your partner and their ex to be friends if they broke up years ago, and have since officially gotten over each other. Once that’s happened, they may decide to redefine their relationship and shift back into friendship mode.  Dont try to stop your partner from being friends with his/her ex, but hanging out with their ex, No!!!

If they can find that new friendship, it is perfectly OK for them to be friends.” With your knowledge, it is very healthy but once they start spending quality time than before, then something is wrong.

Being around your ex all the time will make it difficult for you to get rid of feelings of loss and regret even after the breakup . After a breakup, you need quality time to heal and just reflect on the relationship, and that will become very difficult if you are in the company of your ex all the time. It is very difficult, yes but my darling, MOVE ON!!!!

you should not even try to reach out to your ex. The impulse to reach out to an ex, whether it is because you still have feelings for them, you are seeking comfort and familiarity, or you simply want to know how they are doing, is often a bad idea. Ignore such impulse because no matter what, for him, you are still his EX.


  1. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE EX: No matter who you are to him, or how close you guys are, you still remain his ex. If he wants to introduce you to his friends, he will be like  “guys meet my ex”.
  2. THE EX BOUNDARIES: For crying out loud, he is your ex so set your boundaries right before him. If you still hangout with your ex, there are certain things you wount want to tell him unlike when you are just friends. Like you wouldnt want to tell your ex your current relationships etc.
  3. SEX:  Let us not deceive ourselves, you know that one of you will want to sleep with each other expecially if the sex between you guys was great. You will definitely end up sleeping together. And if you find each other very attractive.
  4. FLIRTING: You say you are just friends right and here you are flirting with your ex. You might not even know that you were flirting until you guys finally have sex even as Ex.
  5. FALSE HOPE:  One of you just doesn’t get it right, one of you will want the other back. There is a false hope for one of you and it is just not healthy. You might think that your ex will get back to you, wake up!!
  6. THE NAKED FACTOR: He was your ex, you can’t forget that at one time, you saw each other’s nakedness. Its awkward bring friends with someone  knowing fully well that you have been intimate.
  7. RESTRICTIONS TO MEETING NEW FRIENDS : Hanging out with your ex, you get carried away and it will restrict you from being open to new relationships. And with that, you tend to waste your time and energy on d wrong person.
  8. HAVE SELF RESPECT FOR YOUR NEW PARTNER: If you truly respect your new partner, dont even dare to still hangout with your ex, he/she was your past. Move on with your recent partner to avoid having an ON and OFF relationship.
  9. Its just not necessary to be hanging out with your ex. It is very unnecessary. It will make the breakup difficult and your feelings will get hurt. Hanging out with your ex will just be painful.
  10. If you must be friends with your ex, then do it just on social media. Dont even extend it by scheduling to hook up wit him/her.

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Well, I agree with most of it but like people do say “life no balance”. We’ve seen some ex that are still good friends that the current partner knows. The thing is manage not to be isolated in the same place.

You guys might be friends before you started dating, I don’t think is ideal to just stop talking or relating because of a break up.

Also, these things depend on the reasons and mode of the breakup


Ok. Good reasons.
But, I guess we can’t just unplug the strings of communication.
Well, Its takes understanding from both parties to solve this, when its pop up.

Emzy scott

I hear you there ride on…


Well, depending on the circumstance that brought about the breakup. Some Exes might be business partners, content creator etc which will warrant meeting each other on one or two occasions.

Las las, if sex should come in then it’s entanglement.


Sometimes there are Ex that are unavoidable ,but I will to always stay away from them…. thanks for this post.


Yeah I kinda agree with you especially they part about boundaries and stuffs

Ozioma Nwankwo

Very true. But it actually depends on the situation. Of course, it may be strange at first but with time you get used to it. But, I don’t think you guys should be overly flirty and soooo ‘together’ esp if you are in a new relationship.

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