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Are you currently in a relationship but you feel like your partner is cheating on you by dating someone else under your nose. But who do you think is more guilty of this act? The ladies or the guys?

Double dating can really be stressful, how do you do It? How do you cope emotionally? Why not just pick one and stick with him/her.

Do you think double dating is bad? But is it possible to like two persons at the same time and still you choose to date them both without each of them know in what you are up to.

If you start feeling a disconnection between you and you partner and you both ain’t bonding as before, then this could be a sign that your partner is seeing someone else likewise connecting with that other person.


How do you detect if your partner is double dating? And what would you have done if he/she is eventually cheating on you by double dating.  Would you break up with him/her? Or would you just stay put and act like nothing happened.

What is your take on double dating in a relationship? Do you think its bad? Or good? Well from this part of the world, we all see Double dating as CHEATING.


double dating is when an individual has more than one partner without letting each partner in the relationship know that they are actually in a second party relationship style dating . This can be very painful if you eventually find out that you are not just the only one he/she is dating.

Majority of individuals see double dating as morally bad, others don’t. Everyone has his/her choices to make in their relationship life.

Some guys too can just be womanizing even when he knows he is in a relationship. some ladies too cheat but for some guys, its in their nature to cheat and it can not be inevitable. This is because of their selfish intrest and greed.


1. They don’t pick up their calls, they find it difficult to take any calls in your presence.
2. They go out for hours without informing you their whereabout.
3. They tend to  talk extra sweetly after missing your call. They can be very good at acting up as tho they are truly into only you.
4. You tend to always find a lie in whatever they tell you. This is your instinct working here. Attimes, you instinct can be very correct.
5. You always read some signs from their looks and the way they act even when their friends are around.
 6. He/she becomes too secretive of all things to the extent of not telling you things anymore.
7. He/she wont let you to touch his/her phone.
8. There is lack of intimacy unlike before and he/she stops sharing stuff with you.
9. He/she tries to manipulate you and keeps you away from his/heart friends.
10. He stops connecting with you and feels less concerned of any of your affairs.

What do you do when you find out your partner is double dating.

Do you : Break up with him/her and find someone else, if you’re not comfortable with it. If you can’t cope with such, just break up and save yourself the stress of heartbreak.
but if you are so comfortable with it, and you are  okay with him double dating, as long as the other person is okay with it. Then dont break up with him/her.  But be assured that your partner’s attention will be divided so is his/her love towards you.
Drop your comment on what your take is on double dating and who do you think double dates more? The ladies or the guys!!!!
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Am in a relationship currently,and I love her dearly beyond explanation actually, she is my Sucre, finding out she is double dating will ruins me entirely…because am so I love with her that I can’t bear the though of sharing her with another

Pastor Iheanacho

Its 2 sided anyway… It’s wrong when u know the opposite is into you and ready to give all and also right if that relationship not looking healthy…

Nwagu Saviour

The ladies and the guys double date so no need


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Babalola david

Me for sure i dnt support double dating cos it makes you loose focus..
This is nice mercy..

Emilia donatus

It’s wrong to double date , it’s a sin, what’s the need to venture into relationship when you know you can’t be faithful with your partner, I don’t like to share at all,it’s evil, commitment and dedication is the best key to a healthy relationship.


I hate double dating in any relationship ooo

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