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Many of you dont even remember to celebrate your father, even in the said dates for celebrating our fathers, you wont even remember to celebrate him. Dont forget that one day you will become a father soon( to the guys).

For those that their fathers have become ANGELS, dont feel sad or lonely! He is always with you, dont feel discouraged because your father was a good man and he is always proud of you. Dont give up on him!

What have you gotten for your father? Are you still thinking? Well below are listed gifts that you could get for your loving father. Ensure you call him, text him, pray for him, if you stay far from your father, dont get discouraged you can always have a video call with him.

For a man to accept you even from foetus till now, he took care of you alongside your beautiful mother, he worked tirelessly for you to become comfortable,he received insults and embarrasment just for your confidence, he couldn’t sleep just because he wanted you to sleep like a baby, he fought for you and he cherished and nurtured you told this age. Don’t you think such man should be celebrated?

Finally we celebrate our mothers more than our fathers in this country, why? Everytime you will hear “happy mothers day” 😊 winks* well mothers play a major role in the upbringing of a child. Do you agree with me? We see more of the mother’s effort unlike our fathers, but our fathers are the drive to our mothers effort.

Your father and mother are the two special people in your life today, many have lost their parents, some loss just a father, while some loss a mother, but you have them both and you are not celebrating them why? There is a saying that ” you don’t know what you have not untill you lose it”. Go will help us!

Don’t wait till june 21st to celebrate your father, that man Is your HERO, he made you who you are today, he suffered just to make you comfortable, he starved just to put food on your table. You cant understand the efforts of a father as a child, not untill you become one or you are married to a man, a responsible one at that.

Father’s Day is always celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution of our fathers and father figures in every family and the society at large. Fathers day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June while some on the last Sunday of june.


  • A portrait of your father or an artistic drawing of your father.
  • A wristwatch.
  • Bed line and pillow.
  • A pair of shoes.
  • A customized T-shirt.
  • An andriod tablet.
  • Beard grooming kits.
  • A pair of socks.
  • Quality perfumes.
  • Nice underwear.
  • Good meal, you know the meal your father likes to eat.
  • A bottle or red wine or an alcoholic wine.
  • An alarm clock.
  • Solar emergency fan.
  • Father’s day mega hamper.
  • E.t.c

You know your father more than i do, why not surprise him in your own way! You know your capability, get what you can afford now for him, make sure you spend time with you dad today, send him text messages, and pray for him and dont forget to receive a fatherly blessing from him.

Happy fathers day and to all the responsible men out there!!!

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Awesome 👏


My father is Late.. But I celebrate him still…
JEMIGBEYI Festus Folorunsho was a good man… And I love him still…



Well to all the father’s alive,Happy Father’s day. And to my late dad. I love you daddy and I will forever make u proud

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