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Have you ever been given a task before? Did you take full responsibility or did you just play around it? Responsibility comes with adequate commitments. When you fear commitments then you are not ready to take responsibilities.

Its a different thing to be responsible and it another thing to take full responsibility of your actions. You should always put your responsibilities on other people simply because you feel they are better than you. Why not keep calm and take responsibility.

Do you know that fear is an unpleasant emotion! When you feel depressed, you tend to think and worry  excessively while your health is at stake and it could lead to depression which can cost you your life.

Hypengyophobia is another name for your fear of Responsibility. Hypengyophobia is the irrational fear of responsibility. If you are  suffering from this condition you notice you  experience a very high amount of anxiety from merely thinking of the  responsibility ahead of you, let alone actually being responsible.

When you constantly fear responsibilty, then you are not ready for growth. Growth comes in your quest for taking responsibility. Being responsible is your choice, its time you take full responsibilty of your life, family, loved ones, career and your society at large.

The major reason why most person fears responsibilty is because they don’t want to fail. Their fear for failure affected their mode of thinking. You dont let failure define you, dont let failure make you irresponsible. Sit up and face your responsibility squarely.

One mistake youths of nowadays makes is to be quick to giving out their responsibility to someone else whom they believe should be better than them. Always learn to engage yourself, with others always accept you for you, dont be afraid to fail, you only fear responsibility because you feel if you should take responsibility, it might choke you. No, just accept that responsibility and be responsible in your actions.

Your  fear of certain responsibilities which includes;

  1. Relationship Responsibility, you tend to fear commitment even before starting your relationship. Before going into any serious relationship, ensure you are ready to take full charge. In relationships, the two parties plays a major role in grooming the relationship. Your fear makes you not to even go into any available relationships, infact you will become unnecessarily choosy.
  2. Family responsibility, your fear for responsibilities when it comes to family makes you not to even think of getting married. You get scared or anxious when the topic of marriage, family or children get to you.
  3. Political responsibility
  4. Academic responsibility
  5. Spiritual responsibility
  6. Social responsibility.


  • Accept the fact that you are likely to fail, which doesn’t define you. Failure only boost your responsibility level.You fail to get better, you fail to learn from your mistakes. Just do your thing and watch the outcome.
  • Be strategic, in all your doings, apply adequate wisdom, ask questions, be very specific and strategic.
  • Have a mentor, you definitely should have someone you can always talk to and someone you can always share ideas with, not just anyone but someone with like minds.
  • Be responsible, you cant take responsibility if you are irresponsible, Once you are responsible, you will always want to take full responsibility.
  •  Hold on to your source of inspiration. What exactly drives you? What inspires you to being responsible, hold on to it deligently.
  • Believe you can deliver, once you have been given a responsibility, know that you can deliver well. Dont look down on yourself because you can actually handle such responsibility. Believe in your very self.
  • Dont joke with Time, time they say waits for no one. You too, dont wait for time. Be punctual in all you do,  deligently do all that is required on time, and stick to being punctual.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Love yourself when it comes to the aspect of responsibility, embrace your strength and work on your weakness.
  • Always be ready to work and  avoid complains.
  • Keep calm and take responsibility.


Drops your comment on how you feel you can deal with the fear of responsibility.

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Nice one Dear…
Very Good 👍



Great write up


It was interesting, thank you!


Interesting read 👏

Johnny NK

Good write up..
We can overcome fear or responsibility by taking action… Just do it, don’t procrastinate or delegate..
Give it a shot,


Lol my dear. There’s it the type that will come ur way that you have no choice but to run😁

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