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Why you act the way you do (MY TEMPERAMENT)
Why you act the way you do (MY TEMPERAMENT)

Why you act the way you do (MY TEMPERAMENT)

Why you act the way you do?

Most of us must have read the book”why you act the way you do by Time Lahaye.In this book you get understand your various temperaments by analyzing your strength and weakness,improving your relationship with others,get ahead in your career e.t.c.
Temperament is the way you tend to behave or the types of emotions you tend to exhibit.
A person’s temperament is formed as an infant and never changes. It simply develops over time. Studies have shown that temperament remains constant and serves as a means to help you determine how you will react to situations. It’s a way to recognize consistent personality traits.😊
Sanguine temperament : people are playful and impulsive. They are constantly active and always optimistic. They have a good sense of humor, are entertaining and easily amused. They are also expressive and affectionate. They build relationships easily and are trusting of others.

Phlegmatic temperament: They are easy going, calm, and unemotional. They can be indecisive and agreeable, and are usually happy to allow others to make decisions for them.

Melancholy temperament: is a rule follower. They can be cautious and tentative in unfamiliar environments, but they can also become aggressive when faced with an unfavorable situation. They are private and introverted.This temperament is factual, logical, and analytical. To function without anxiety, these people need to have a solid plan for action.

Choleric temperament: They are extroverted and exude self-confidence. They are independent and strong willed. They have quick minds and are generally active and practical in their activities. Their communication style is assertive and direct, often brief almost to the point of rudeness.This temperament type enjoys taking risks and gets bored easily. They can be domineering and opinionated. They find it easy to make decisions, not only for themselves but for others as well. They can be somewhat controlling in relationships. Choleric types also tend to require less sleep than other temperament types.

So after reading through,you get to understand your temporary and why you always act the way you do……Do you know you can possess 2temperament together (combination)?……stay connected……winks

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Thanks dr


I'm melancholy


Nice breakdown of this topic, easily understood. Thumps up!


Cool…..am glad you were able to find out what your temperament is.


I think I'm a melancholy


According to this, I know am a Sanguine…
Nice one dear…

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