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Black saturday in Akure.
Black saturday in Akure.

Black saturday in Akure.

                   EXPLOSION IN AKURE
Do you know that about today there was an explosion in Akure which occurred along Akure-Owo expressway, a few kilometres from the Akure metropolis.
Residents of the area said they believe the explosion was caused by bombs, although the police are still investigating the matter.
The incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Saturday.
The police are still yet to acertain the exact cause of the explosion.
The blast caused panic among residents of Akure, Obaile, Eleyowo, Iluabo, Osi and other neighbouring settlements along the stretch of the highway.
A church, Possibility Church, was damaged by the explosion, a resident of the area said.The incident which happened less than a kilometer to A kure airport,affected many residents of Eleyowo community,destroying completely a church and a school in the area.
Many people who lived within the church premises were said to be injured while some were rescued by the people of the community.

Investigations is still being carried out.
God will keep protecting us all.

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